At Vostok, we are flexible for your transport needs, as we offer three different types of transport.

Experienced staff of Vostok d. o. o. works with you on every detail: planning execution, determining routes and types of transport, calculating costs of transportation, various inspections and collecting and forwarding documentation when your shipment arrives safely and undamaged at its final destination. We accept shipments of almost any size.

Maritime transport

Maritime transport is the most essential type of intercontinental transport because it is economical, regular and safe.

Professionally trained personnel of Vostok d. o. o. will guide you through the complex system of maritime logistics. With our extensive partner network, we offer door-to-door delivery all over the world. We oversee all logistics related to your shipment, including warehousing, ground transportation, customs clearance and all other value-added services. We also offer the transfer of FCL and LCL containers so you can reach every destination with customized solutions from Vostok

Full Container Loads (FCL)

A wide range of global shipping companies with which Vostok d. o. o. is in close relationship to ensure you the best choice of services and competitive prices on all transport routes. We offer frequent departures from/to all major ports.

Less than Container Loads (LCL)

If your cargo does not fill the entire container, we can offer you the service of collective container transport from/to all major ports of the world. Vostok d. o. o. is in close relationship with global independent LCL service providers, which have a branched network of logistics centres, which ensures you the best choice of services and competitive prices.

Air transport

Air transport offers customers high speed of transport, while at the same time ensuring punctuality and safety of goods.

We offer you door-to-door transport anywhere in the world with our extensive partner network. We offer partial or whole airspace rental for your import or export shipments. If the shipment is not urgent, we offer you a combination of transport plane-to-ship or ship-to-plane. At your request, we can coordinate the entire door-to-door transport, including customs clearance of goods. We organize shipments from China and other Asian airports.

Road transport

In the whole door-to-door logistics process, road transport is always present.

The extensive network of transport routes offers us the most accurate delivery of goods to the customer, and road transport is one of the fastest but still economical modes of transport.

Vostok d. o. o. organizes full and partial truckloads throughout Europe. We adjust the size and weight of the vehicle according to the load, which ensures the most cost-effective mode of road transport. With our own vehicles or contracted sub-carriers selected based on our high-quality standards, we always deliver your goods quickly and safely to the place of unloading.


We offer our customers a wide selection
forwarding and logistics services. Every
our solution is made for each
specifically, taking into account
the customer's requirements
and the
specifics of the cargo.


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